The company counts more than 40 years of creative presence in the field of selling and processing natural stones and continues growing and developing, since it has entered the global market. It is one of the biggest companies of its kind in the European market.


Set up in 1979 by its present Chairman Georgios Chatzisavvas, AKROLITHOS is, after four decades of activity, one of the leading global companies in the field of natural stones with the exclusive use and cooperation of quarries in many parts of Greece.

AKROLITHOS’s products are made in the company’s 120.000 m2 facilities at Kipia, Kavala, which also house its showroom and offices.

Enchanted by the colours and the potential of stone, we have over the years striven to bring out the best stone has to offer by giving it new forms and shapes.

We export to more than 90 countries in 6 continents.


The authentic natural beauty, the uniqueness of every single piece, the grandeur of lively colours and designs, make stone an unsurpassed timeless material which cannot be copied by any technique or human being.
Indeed, we see constructions the world over made from natural stones which stand for thousands of years, amazing us with their beauty, grandeur and endurance.

Akrolithos - A few words about natural stones