The following general terms are to be considered an integral part of each and every sale transaction between AKROLITHOS S.A. (hereinafter “Company”) and its’ customers (hereinafter “Customer”). Different terms may apply to a specific sales transaction between the Company and a Customer only if they have been agreed in a special written agreement or in the Company’s financial offer or the sale invoice or in a separate written sales contract concluded between the Company and the Customer.

The payment term for each sale is the one indicated in the sale invoice or in a written contract between the Company and the Customer. In case the Customer is in delay of any payment, the Company may charge legal interest until payment is made in full. In case it has been agreed that the Customer will issue or transfer cheques to the Company, against any amount due, it shall be considered that this amount has been paid only after due payment of the cheque. In any case, a payment by the Customer to the Company shall be considered executed only when the Company issues a payment receipt or when such payment has been effected in the Company’s indicated bank accounts.
The Customer is aware and accepts the possibility that the Company may not deliver any of the sold products exactly on the time indicated in the commercial correspondence or the sales invoices and waives from any right to raise any claims against the Company for such delayed delivery, unless otherwise provided for under a sales contract between them. The delivery of the Company’s products to the Customer takes place in the Company’s premises thus the INCOTERM applying on any sales transaction between the Company and the Customer is Ex Works, unless otherwise agreed on in a written contract between the Company and the Customer or indicated in the sale invoice.
The Customer and his appointed transporter are exclusively responsible for the safe and appropriate loading and arrangement of the sold products on the means of transportation selected by the Customer. The transportation is taking place on the Customer’s behalf and on his own risk. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred during the transportation of the products, either to the products or to the Company or the Customer himself or to any third party, thus it is at the Customer’s discretion to insure or not and under which terms any risks relevant with the transportation, under any insurance policy of his choice.
Eventual objections of the Customer regarding the quantity, packaging or external characteristics of any products delivered to him by the Company will be accepted and examined only if it is expressed during the loading of the products at the Company’s premises and before the Customer’s transporter departs. Eventual objections of the Customer related to the delivered products’ quality or other technical characteristics will be examined by the Company only if it is submitted by the Customer in written, within a period of 3 days after arrival of the products at the Customer’s premises. Products sold and delivered to the Customer may be returned to the Company, due to defects or quality discrepancies for which the Customer has duly informed the Company, only after the Company’s written consent and not later than 15 days after the day of their delivery to the Customer. In any case, returned products should be in the same condition and packaging as they were at first delivered to the Customer.
The Customer shall store and manage the products according to eventual special instructions indicated on their packaging or the Company’s prospectuses. While in storage, products should not be exposed to rain, extreme low or high temperatures or extreme weather conditions. The use of the products by the Customer should be according to the Company’s suggestions and eventual advices. Since stones are natural products with variable hardness, absorption, resistance to heating or freezing, color shades and, in general, their characteristics may vary, the Customer is exclusively responsible for their use. Safe use of the products lies only upon the discretion of the Customer and the products’ end user. The Company guarantees neither the appropriateness nor the aesthetic result of the products as this depends on their installation, in which the Company does not interfere. The Customer shall advice the technicians or whoever he engages in the products’ installation to be cautious about the welding material he may be using since, improper use of such material or use of improper material may lead to unsafe installation or corrosion, stains and various other damages to the products. The Customer acknowledges that the products are natural and thus may show signs or erosion over time.
Any and all personal data regarding natural entities related to the Customer and submitted by the Customer, are dully kept by the Company and shall be used only for purposes related with transactions with the Customer. Such data is secure since the Company implements internal procedures in compliance with the provisions set out under GDPR. For further details in this regard, the Customer may visit the Company's site The Customer being obliged to inform the Company without any delay in case of change in such data.
For the resolution of any dispute which may arise between the parties related to the sale of products by the Company to the Customer, it is hereby agreed that the Courts of Kavala, Greece shall be exclusively competent.