Creating and producing in Greece now for four decades, we never cease in our research and in modernising our production units in our quest to create ever more high-quality innovative products. Our production is undertaken with respect to the environment and to those who work with us.

Production & processing
at our factory

The company has a large processing factory comprising a number of sections producing floor tiles, cladding tiles, marble tiles, pebble production, rock face and artistic objects.


AKROLITHOS S.A., equipped with 4 decades of experience behind it and the most up-to-date machinery, specialises in processing Kavala slate, which is mined in quarries near Pangaio, just 3-4 kilometres from our factory. Apart from Kavala slate, the company processes other natural slates acquired from other quarries in Greece and abroad. Products include: stone floor tiles, stone wall cladding tiles, calibrated tiles, polished tiles, stone stairs, rocks for stone-built walls, stones for cladding and many more.

Akrolithos - Slate
Akrolithos - Slate
Akrolithos - Slate