For the last 4 decades, we create and produce in Greece. We don’t stop updating and modernizing our production units, so as to create innovative products of high quality. Our production takes place with the utter respect to both the environment and our human work force.


The company has a big factory with several parts which cover the following: slate cutting, pebble production, rock face, stone aging, gravels and artistic objects.


Our company AKROLITHOS S.A. with 4 decades of experience and with modern machinery, specializes in processing Kavala slate, which is mined in quarries of wider area of Paggaio, which are situated within 3-4 kilometers from our factory. Except from Kavala Slate the company processes other natural slates which we acquire from other quarries in Greece and overseas. Produces products include: stone floor tiles, stone wall tiles, calibrated tiles, polished tiles, stone stairs, rocks for stone built walls, decoration for walls and much more.

Akrolithos - Slate
Akrolithos - Slate
Akrolithos - Slate